You may now order the calendar from Zazzle in time for Christmas! Copy the link below to go to page to view and order a calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a glitch on the website for my page. Before ordering the calendar, please check the following:

  1. Select under the Holidays menu “United States + Christian Events and Holidays,
  2. Check the box under the Grid Transparency menu “Allow text and images behind the grid.” *The box should turn blue as in the image below. *This makes sure the Moon phases and text get printed on the calendar. You should see the Moon phases and text pop up on the monthly previews below the calendar cover image.

The calendar comes in three sizes on heavy card stock paper. Since the calendar unfolds, the length is twice as long as what is stated on Zazzle.

Small: 5.5”l x 7.00”w (11.00″ l x 7.00″ w), $21.80 + shipping

Medium: 8.5”l x 11.00”w (17.00″ l x 11.00″ w), $22.95 + shipping

Large: 11”l x 14.25”w (22.00″ l x 14.25″ w), $29.85 + shipping

Money saving tip: Zazzle constantly offers special discounts each month up to 25% off. So, wait until you see a sale. They typically offer up to 25% off on your first order too. Right now, you can save 20% by entering the code PREBLKFRIDAY.

I have set the profit on each calendar to the minimum of 5%. So, I only get $0.50 per $10 sale. All proceeds will be donated to the American Scientific Affiliation which is a group for Christians who are scientists or work in STEM fields.

You can purchase Psalm 19 Astronomy y-shirts through our account on Zazzle. Prices vary and you can always get a 20-30% coupon off if you sign up for Zazzle emails. Our shirt profit is set to the minimum 5% and all proceed get donated to the American Scientific Affiliation, a Christian religious organization of scientists and people in science-related disciplines.

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