We are now back in full swing with our events in Central Texas. Below is the flyer for our June 2021 events.

Please go to our Psalm 19 Astronomy Society group page on Facebook for updates. Follow this link to our Facebook page:  Psalm 19 Astronomy Society Facebook Page

August Flyer 3

New Locations for Psalm 19 Astronomy

Lisa B. lives in St. Augustine, FL. Her inaugural event was near the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine on May 16 and she had about 25 guests.

Phil S. lives in the eastern shores of North Carolina. His inaugural event was on May 21 in New Bern, NC. He had six guests.

Michael T. live in Australia and hosted his first event on May 23. Our first event Down Under! He set up in a park in Warrnambool, Southwest Victoria. Australia.

Psalm 19 Astronomy on the Road in Summer 2021.

I will be taking this ministry on the road this summer as I RV with my brother to many state and national parks. I will try to post photos when time and WiFi connectivity permit. Our first stop will be Providence Canyon south of Columbus, GA on June 15.

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