Next Event: February 23, 2018

Weather permitting, we will host our first event for 2018 on Friday February 23, 2018 at sunset near downtown Austin, Texas USA. Sunset will be approximately 7:00 PM.

We will set up at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge which is part of the Austin Hike and Bike Trail and spans Lady Bird Lake just east of S. Lamar Blvd.

There will be a First Quarter Moon. None of the close-in planets will be available.

Please go to our Facebook group page “Psalm 19 Astronomy Society” for more information and updates. Rain-weather makeup date will be Saturday February 24.

2017 Austin, Texas Event Update

Psalm 19 Astronomy is an active, growing outreach group of amateur astronomers who set up telescopes in high-traffic public areas and invite passersby to look at the planets and the Moon. For example, the Austin, Texas chapter hosted thirteen events in 2017 in which up to three amateur astronomers set up their telescopes on the popular Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge near downtown Austin.

On a typical night around 100 to 150 people accept our offer to look into our telescopes. We had about 400 people stop by in October during the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Additional events were held at the University of Texas in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country, at Hemisphere Plaza in San Antonio, and in Plano, Texas. 

About 1500 people looked at the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and other celestial objects during the 2017 Austin area events.

The most popular thing our guests love besides looking at the Moon and planets is taking a photo of the Moon with their smartphone.


Moon December 1 2017 Pfluger Bridge

There are currently four other chapters in addition to Austin chapter with amateur astronomers in Fort Worth, Texas; Clear Lake-League City, Texas; Gastonia, North Carolina; and our newest astronomer in Mesquite, Texas.

For more information about Psalm 19 Astronomy and how you can host an event, go to our “Psalm 19 Astronomy” Facebook page or contact us at

Welcome to our Psalm 19 Astronomy Society sidewalk astronomy ministry!

This is the post excerpt.

This is a new sidewalk astronomy ministry group called “Psalm 19 Astronomy” that was started in June 2016 in downtown Austin, Texas USA. This ministry is based on Psalm 19:1-2 written by King David about 3000 years ago:

“The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Day after day they pour forth speech;

night after night they reveal knowledge”

                             – Psalm 19:1-2

This new ministry is a great way to share God’s word in a gentle manner while showing people God’s beautiful world through a telescope.  The ministry mission is “Sharing the beauty and majesty of God’s universe through astronomy.” Members simply host sidewalk astronomy events a few times per year in a high pedestrian traffic area near where they live. I have been hosting mine on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge near downtown Austin, TX since June 2016. About 1100 people have accepted our offer to look in our telescope at the Moon and planets between June and November of last year. See an attached image with photo of one event.

The real story of this ministry is about the people we meet and the lives we touch with this ministry. While most people only stop by for a few minutes, there are several each night who hang around for over an hour asking questions about the night sky and God. And several people are frequent visitors. You can read about some of these stories on our Psalm 19 Astronomy Facebook group page.

A key sharing part of the event is to pass out Psalm 19 Astronomy cards to passersby who look into the telescope. The cards have an image of the nine planets on the front along with the Psalm 19:1-2 verses (yes, I still count Pluto as a planet.) The backside has educational information about each of the planets. See the attachment with the image of the front and backsides of the card. I have the artwork ready to share for free for you to have printed at your own expense either locally or through online businesses.

God is already growing this ministry. There are three associate astronomers who have already joined Psalm 19 Astronomy:

  • Brad who lives near Ft. Worth, TX and also summers in the Badlands National Park
  • Terry who lives near Charlotte, NC
  • Brandon who works at NASA in Clear Lake, TX
  • Marvin who lives near Mesquite, TX

I fully expect that God will continue to grow this ministry in 2017 to other cities across America – and maybe even across the world.

There is no cost to become a member of this ministry. If anyone is interested in being a part of this ministry then please reply to this post or go to the Facebook page Psalm 19 Astronomy ( and ask to join that group.

You can also email me at