March 23, 2018 Event in Austin Report

The skies were cloudy nearly from east to west 30 minutes before sunset. But the Clear Sky Report for Austin, TX indicated that the skies would clear up shortly after sunset. Things didn’t look promising when I got the the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge at about 7:15 PM. I couldn’t even see the Moon directly overhead.

But by 8:00 PM the clouds were dissipating and the Moon because visible. I fetched my Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8″ telescope (8″ mirror) from my car and rolled in onto the bridge. John Darms had arrived with his Orion SkyQuest xTG 12 telescope (big 12″ mirror) on his rolling cart.

Whitney was the first to stop by to look at the Moon. Then along came Jay with his dog Luna – how appropriate was that!

About 100 people accepted our invitation to look at the Moon and the Great Orion Nebula in the very visible winter constellation Orion. I showed one group the star Sirius, the brightest star in the northern Hemisphere. It’s in the constellation Canus Major (Big Dog) and directly east of the constellation Orion. Some of the names I remember are John, Jennifer, Brian, Max, Sammy, Dan, Donnie, Rob, Ed, and Charlie.

We had several extended discussion with people about science and religion.

Our next event is scheduled for Friday April 27 at the bridge.

Author: psalm19astronomy

I am an engineer working in the semiconductor industry. I live, play, and work in Austin, TX. I have been involved in amateur astronomy for about 7 years. All my telescopes are of the "go to" variety which means that they are computer controlled and will "go to" objects in the objects catalog after aligning the mount to 2-3 stars. I currently own the following telescopes: Orion Skyquest XTg12 Dobson (truss Dob, computerized and tracks) Celestron Nexstar 80GT refractor Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 (my favorite for sidewalk astronomy) Celestron Nexstar 102SLT refraxctor

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